As men and women age, they tend to put on inches around the midsection, making it harder to maintain lean abs—even through dieting and working out. Childbirth too, makes it difficult for women to recapture their pre-pregnancy physique. The good news is, we can help overcome that through a variety of proven procedures. At Upstate Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help our patients get back to the lean, fit body they had when they were younger. These methods include:

LiposuctionAbdominoplastyBelt LipectomyCoolSculpting

It’s time you felt good about your waistline again

We have helped thousands of women and men over the years turn back the clock and reduce the added inches in the waistline to look the leanest they have in years. Each of the tried-and-true procedures listed above is designed to get different results. The common denominator is that they will all help you get your tummy lean and trim again. Contact us today so to schedule an appointment with one of our Three Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. They will determine a course of action that is best for you.

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