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Spa & Skin Care: 864-968-0456

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Main Office: 864-635-4081
Spa & Skin Care: 864-968-0456

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State-of-the-art Medi-Spa

We are much more than an award-winning team of therapists. At Upstate Plastic Surgery, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions based on your individual goals and desires. That’s why we offer full-service spa and skin care all under the same roof. Our professional certified therapists work closely with our Board Certified plastic surgeons to make sure your entire experience is optimal—whether you’re recovering from surgery or simply enjoying a relaxing day at the spa.

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Upstate Plastic Surgery has the very latest technologies and treatments to give you a deeply rewarding spa experience. Our highly skilled massage therapists ensure that each individual is treated special and leaves feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


Monday – Thursday from 9am – 4:30pm
Friday 9am – 2pm


Our Spa serves as a natural extension of our surgical procedures but is not limited solely to that. In fact, Upstate Skin Care Center and Spa offers an expert team of certified therapists to administer the rejuvenating health and beauty treatments you seek to feel and look your absolute best.


Swedish Massage

A light-flowing, therapeutic massage designed to promote relaxation and gently flush toxins from the body. 50 or 80 Minute Massage Available

Customized Massage 

A combination of several massage modalities, this massage can be adjusted to your specific needs. 50 or 80 Minute Massage Available

Deep Tissue Massage

A 50-minute massage designed for advanced muscular conditions that require more attention. Great for relieving chronic pain and sore muscles. 50 or 80 Minute Massage Available

Lymphatic Drainage/ Post Operative Massage

A 30-minute massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn detoxifies the body.  Great for post-operative clients to speed up recovery and reduce swelling.

Desert Hot Stone Massage

This treatment utilizes the Swedish massage technique, combined with the warmth of smooth round stones to create a deeper state of relaxation. 50 or 80 Minute Massage Available

Body Treatments

Cool Sculpting 
The #1 body sculpting procedure that requires no surgery, no anesthesia and no downtime! The technology is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively deliver controlled cooling that targets fat cells while leaving the skin itself unaffected.

The non-surgical procedure effectively reduces embarrassing underarm sweat and odor.

Laser Hair Removal
Designed to remove unwanted dark hair with little to no discomfort.

Laser Vein Removal 
Treatment of small spider veins with the use of Ndyag laser.

Treatment of small spider veins with the use of injections.

Fascia Blasting 
A treatment performed by heating up the tissue and then executing bodywork using a specialized tool to release fascia. As a result, one achieves ease in muscle/joint pain, improved flexibility, cellulite reduction, and smoother skin appearance. Reduction in pain, changes to physical appearance, and flexibility happen over time, although dramatic changes can occur after just one session. It is important to note that this is not for everyone.
60 or 90 Minute sessions available

Exfoliating Body Glow 
Relax and enjoy a spa treatment that involves exfoliating the entire body with a special blend of either salt, sugar, or herbs to remove dead skin cells and detoxify the body. Together, this luxurious body scrub reveals smooth radiating skin while strengthening the skin’s elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.


Essential Facial
The perfect facial for all skin types. This customizable treatment is designed to smooth and soften your complexion while relaxing your entire body.

Dermaplaning Facial
A heavy exfoliation used to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair while prepping skin to better absorb products and treatments. Necessary serums are included. Can also be combined with a chemical peel for more dramatic results.

The Obagi Signature Facial  
Suitable for all skin types. This hydrating treatment starts with lymphatic drainage of the face (perfect to help reduce puffiness and sluggish circulation). Ideal for all skin types and for those wanting to achieve an immediate glow. Simple, direct and great results.

The Obagi Acne Express Facial
Intended for clients who have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. The Acne Express protocol is a 30-minute hands-on facial session recommended to be done once monthly in a 6-session series

The Obagi Age Defying Facial
Intended for clients who have fine lines, wrinkles, and would like firmer skin. This rejuvenating and replenishing facial experience is perfect for those with skin concerns. The Obagi Age Defying Facial protocol is a 50-minute hands-on facial session.

The Obagi Antioxidant Force Field Facial
Intended for clients with previous visible damage who are interested in taking the first step to fortify the skin’s natural defenses against future environmental assaults. This antioxidant facial is perfect for those with photodamage. The Obagi Antioxidant Force Field Facial protocol is a 50- minute hands-on facial session.

The Obagi Soothing Facial
Intended for clients who are new to skincare, first- time facial clients, clients with sensitive skin, as well as those who want a relaxing, gentle approach to a professional treatment. This facial would also be perfect for a “gift certificate” facial as well as for those who want a relaxing, gentle approach to a professional treatment.

Enhancements: Exfoliating Hand Treatment, Exfoliating Foot Treatment, Neck & Decollete Treatment.

Clinical Skin Care TREATMENTS

Today more than ever, individuals are paying closer attention to their skin care. Exposure to the elements, as well as dietary habits, can greatly affect the condition of one’s skin care. We offer a number of health-focused skin care treatments and procedures to help nurture and safeguard your skin as you age.


Our Essential Skin Care System is a program that is tailored to each individual’s skin to provide you with the maximum benefit and improvement in the appearance of your skin. This is a physician-formulated program that utilizes products in strengths not available over the counter.

Our program consists of two parts: The first part is an intense 6-week treatment regimen that restores your skin to a more youthful appearance and helps reverse sun damage. This is accomplished using daily applications of Retin-A and bleaching cream. The second part of our program is designed to maintain the improvements gained in the initial phase.

Our Essential Skin Care System is complete and provides all cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and exfoliators needed. This system is easy to use and will maximize the beauty and health of your skin.


This treatment uses fractionated laser technology to stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of your skin, decreasing wrinkles and discoloration with minimal downtimes.


This procedure corrects a variety of benign skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections, birthmarks, brown spots and unsightly small veins.


We use the Venus Velocity, which is a state-of-the-art hair removal system developed to remove unwanted hair, while minimizing skin complications common with other previously available laser hair removal. This laser technique is engineered to eliminate unwanted hair easily and quickly without the hassles related to shaving, waxing, chemical depilation, or electrolysis. The Light Sheer laser beam targets and destroys the pigment located in the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin thus significantly decreasing the hairs’ ability to re-grow.

However because hair grows in many different phases it may require multiple treatments to reduce hair growth.
Patients generally require 4–6 treatments according to skin type and area of treatment. The ideal candidates for these treatments are those with dark course hair and no tan. During your initial consultation our nurse will determine your skin type and evaluate the desired hair to be treated.


Underarm sweat is a problem for millions of people. It’s not only embarrassing, it can ruin your clothes and make you feel uncomfortable at work, on a date, at a party, or in public. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with underarm sweat any longer thanks to miraDry®. The revolutionary miraDry® treatment reduces perspiration at the source by destroying underarm sweat glands—and it is the only non-invasive treatment that is proven to work.

miraDry® is FDA-cleared and CE marked, and the treatment is done in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

miraDry® is simple: just three easy steps. The underarm area is 1) marked, 2) numbed, and 3) treated with miraDry®. And it only takes about one hour.

miraDry® uses energy that targets and destroys the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are destroyed they do not grow back. It’s quick, pain-free, and effective.


This treatment is an aggressive exfoliation that improves skin tone and texture with no pain and no recovery time.


Photodynamic Therapy is a light treatment performed with a topical photosensitizing agent called Levulan (aminolevulinic acid). This therapy is used to treat pre-cancerous lesions called actinic keratosis, sun damage, and pigmentation from sun damage. It is also used to reduce oil production from oil glands which help with acne breakouts. Most people obtain good results with one to three treatments but may require more treatments to obtain desired results.


We have had excellent success treating spider veins of the legs with the injection of sclerosing agents. We are able to treat small to medium sized veins in the office the day of your consult if you desire. There is minimal discomfort associated with the procedure, however, you will have swelling and redness over the treated areas that lasts about 24 hours.

There may be some bruising, and rarely blistering, that will resolve in a week to ten days. 3-4cc of the solution can be injected in a single session, which allows treatment of fairly extensive areas. We request that you wear a compression hose for the 48 hours after the treatment for the best results. Additional treatments can be performed at four to six week intervals. For further information, please call the office or complete our contact form.


Let our professional staff perform a make-up make-over with Jane Iredale cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty. Our make-up artists will provide personalized make-up prescriptions for daytime, evening, or special occasions creating the look you desire. We take all your stress away and let your beauty in to stay.

We also offer post operative make-up applications allowing you to return to your social life and regular routine promptly. Our make-up artists are also happy to provide new make-up ideas after surgery to go along with your new look.

Permanent makeup is also available in the office including: eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, and eyebrows.

We utilize Premier Pigments which are carefully formulated without iron oxides, which, over a period of time can discolor and fade. The initial consultation is with our fully trained skin care nurse who will assist you with color selection and details of the procedure and recovery period. The application of permanent makeup is performed by your surgeon in our office facility with topical anesthesia or topical anesthesia with sedation. Temporary swelling, bruising and crusting may be experienced, but is very short lived. If you have any history of fever blisters and are undergoing any procedures involving the lips, you will be treated with medication to prevent and outbreak in the post-operative period.

Lite Chemical Peel

There is no recovery time, and patients return to their normal color by the next day. Some patients experience a slight amount of flaking two days after the chemical is applied, and this usually lasts about 2-3 days. These treatments will help reduce the depth for surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, help fade brown spots, and assist in clearing acne/blemished skin.


A variety of light to medium depth peels are carefully curated to deliver multi-faceted benefits, improving texture, tone, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

VI Peel

VI Peel

This contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types, increases cell turnover, improves tone, texture, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and signs of aging.


FDA-approved multi-benefit micro needling pen that targets a variety of skin concerns by triggering the body’s natural healing response, reducing acne, acne scarring, skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles.



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CoolSculpting helps you eliminate stubborn fat without surgery or downtime! With over 1 million CoolSculpting procedures performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves thanks to individual treatment plans tailored specifically to their bodies.

This amazing technology cools fat cells resulting in your body’s natural elimination of these cells over the weeks that follow. The fat melts away, and you look better in your bathing suit! All consultations are complimentary and can be scheduled with one of our Plastic Surgery nurses at your convenience.


KYBELLA® is a prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.” It is not known if KYBELLA® is safe and effective for use outside of the submental area.

Gift Certificates Available

Change your skin.

Allow our skin care professionals to help you reach your goals in our Medical Spa and Laser Center supervised by Plastic Surgeons.

48-hour advance notice is required for any appointment cancellation.
Failure to do so will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment.


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